Ross Couch ‘What You Do To Me’ Breaks Into Traxsource Deep House Top 10

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Great news – ‘What You Do To Me‘, one of the tracks on my final release of the year has just broken into the Traxsource Deep House Top 10 sales chart.

It was touch and go there for a few days as it hovered at No.12 and then No.11, giving me flashbacks to other tracks I released earlier this year like ‘Holding On‘ and ‘When The Sky falls‘ which both got to the same spot (albeit on the Soulful House chart) and then didn’t quite manage to push into the Top 10.

It’s been a really good year on Traxsource overall though, with other tracks like ‘Still In Love‘ and my biggest seller, ‘Somebody Like You‘ both going top 5 on the Soulful House chart, and top 15 overall.

In fact, ‘Somebody Like You’ ended up as the 36th best selling track for the whole of 2013 on the Soulful House chart, and No.111 on the overall 2013 best sellers list.

‘What You Do To Me’ going top 10 is the perfect way to round off 2013, but rest assured I’m already hard at work on fresh music so that I can hit the ground running in 2014!

Thanks a lot to everyone who’s bought my music over the course of the past year, whether it was on Traxsource or anywhere else for that matter.  Every sale makes a difference and I’m very grateful to all of you.

New Ross Couch ‘Inside The Track’ Interview Up On Traxsource

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Traxsource were nice enough to ask me to do the next in their ‘Inside The Track’ series, giving you the chance to take a closer look at how one of my new cuts, ‘Feel This Sound’ was made.

As you’ll see, my music set-up isn’t going to win any awards, but hopefully it’ll show you aspiring producers out there that you don’t need a flashy studio in order to make music.

‘Feel This Sound’ is part of a new three track EP that just came out on Traxsource promo last Thursday, and is currently working it’s way up the sales charts as I speak.  You can purchase it for yourselves here.

Ross Couch – Feel This Sound EP – Body Rhythm 066 (Out Now)

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My final release of the year, the ‘Feel This Sound EP’ is now out on full release at all the usual stores.

It’s been a pretty good year for me on the music front and hopefully the three tracks on this release can help end it on a high.

Early support for the tracks coming from the likes of Shur-I-Kan, Giom, Ashley Beedle, CJ Mackintosh and Richard Earnshaw.

Buy It Now At:


Track Previews

Ross Couch – Hold Me Tight EP – Body Rhythm 065: Out Now!

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‘Hold Me Tight EP’ is my latest offering on Body Rhythm and it’s just landed on Traxsource today where it’ll remain on promo until the official release on 11th November.

The release comes hot on the heels of a series of successful tracks for me on Traxsource’s Soulful House chart including ‘Somebody Like You’ (No.4), ‘Still In Love’ (No.3) and ‘When The Sky falls’ (No.11), so my fingers are crossed that the trend continues!




Ross Couch – Falling Sky EP – Body Rhythm 064: Out Now

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My latest release, the ‘Falling Sky EP’ landed on TRAXSOURCE today featuring two new house tracks, plus a downtempo one for good measure.

Things have been going well over the past few months, with ‘Somebody Like You‘ and ‘Still In Love‘ in particular doing very well for me, while others like ‘Work It‘ and ‘Confession‘ have played their part too, so hopefully this latest release can keep the momentum going.

I’m actually sitting on a bunch of good tracks that are in various stages of completion after a productive spell recently, so I’m excited to finish them up and send them out to earn their keep over the next few months!

Here’s a preview of the tracks from the new EP and if you like the sound of them then be sure to head over to Traxsource to grab the full versions.

Update:  Now Available To Buy At…

Juno Download: