Body Rhythm Records T-Shirts And Other Merchandise Now Available

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I’m delighted to say that you can now buy a range of men and women’s t-shirts, hoodies and other merchandise featuring my Body Rhythm label’s logo, all available in a variety of different colors and sizes.

Body Rhythm Records has of course been the home of virtually all of my original releases since I first launched it back in 2007 and is now a trusted source of high quality house and downtempo music amongst discerning DJ’s and audio aficionados around the world.

I’ve partnered up with the long established Spreadshirt store for this which ensures you’re order will be made securely by a trusted source and you’ll get swift delivery wherever you are in the world.

Overall it’s a great way to support what I’m doing while also letting everything know that you’re down with the underground!

To cut down on delivery costs I’ve set up two different online stores, one in the UK and one in the U.S so please visit whichever one is closest to you.

(Note: Due to the way Spreadshirt works I’ve not been able to offer exactly the same range of products in the two stores, but the main items should be the same.)


UK / Europe store:

U.S / International store:

Alternatively you can also visit the UK shop by clicking on the ‘Store’ option on the main menu at the top of this site.

*TOP TIP: When your on the store use the ‘Categories’ section to search the site by Mens, Womens and Merchandise.

I’ve already purchased one of the white t-shirts myself to check everything was OK quality wise and you can see a ‘real life’ picture of what it looks like below.

Check out the store for the full range!

Ross Couch – The Vinyl Years Vol.2 – Body Rhythm 054: Out Now

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It’s time for the second volume in my ‘Vinyl Years’ series which aims to bring back some of my best tracks from when I was releasing music on other labels on 12″.

This edition kicks off with ‘The Deep End’ which originally came out on Dano’s Red Melon label, followed by ‘In The Night’ which was the lead track on an EP for Shaboom’s offshoot label Blacktrax.

Then comes ‘Across The World’ which was one of the most popular tracks of mine that came out during my time with Bargrooves, and finally there’s ‘Groove On’ which was released on Souldoubt’s Freaked label and has never been released digitally before.

Available To Buy Now At:





Ross Couch – Restore My Soul EP – Body Rhythm 053: Out Now

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Today marks the release of my latest EP entitled ‘Restore My Soul’ on my Body Rhythm label.

This one sees me head back into downtempo territory after the recent success of tracks like ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ (four months in the Beatport Chillout Top 100 peaking at No.12 and spending three months in the Official German Chillout Chart) and ‘Migration (Original Mix)’ (in the Beatport Chillout Top 100 for 2 1/2 months and Topped Juno’s Downtempo chart).

There’s three tracks to choose from on this one and rest assured there’s no ambient snoozers here!  Instead I’m mixing up elements of funk, jazz, breakbeat, soul and trip-hop that will hopefully tickle your fancy whether you can find a place for it in your next DJ set, in your car stereo or on your headphones.

Support for the new EP coming from forward thinkers like Shur-I-Kan, Jody Wisternoff, Richard Earnshaw and Vincent Kwok.

I’m having a lot of fun making these tracks and have built up a stockpile of them over the past few months so look out for more in the future and potentially an album too if all goes well!

Buy It Now At:

Juno Download

Track Previews:

Ross Couch – Holding On EP – Body Rhythm 052: Traxsource Promo Out Now

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Happy New Year everyone.  Thanks to all those who supported me in the year gone by.  I’ve been having a productive time in the studio over the past month or two so I’m excited for the year ahead with lots of new music ready for release and hopefully much more to come.

I’m starting off the year with a two-tracker called the ‘Holding On EP’  and it’s available to buy now at the following sites:

Juno Download:

Track Previews:

DJ Reactions:

Giom: “I REALLY like this new sound of yours.Holding on is really cool and I’ll definitely be playing it.”

Sebastian Davidson: “Quality as usual!!”

Richard Earnshaw: “Holding On for me…nice jam!”

Lukas Greenberg: “Nice ep. will play it.”

The Messenger: “We love it, quality all over. Great sound, lovely rhythm, and what is most important you can feel the soul in it. Holding On had us in the first minute, so it’s fair to say it is our favorite.”

Da Funk: “The Truth is aces. Full support.”

Niall Redmond (RTE Pulse): “Will defo be dropping The Truth tonight…both tracks excellent”

Darren Holland: “‘Holding On’ Big track my friend startin off the year correct.”

Bria Project (Vibe Boutique): “love your sound!!”

Ross Couch – Stars EP – Body Rhythm 051: Out Today!

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It’s time for my final release of the year, the ‘Stars EP’ which hit stores today.

This one features two main tracks, one that’s deep and atmospheric, and the other which hits the dancefloor harder, along with instrumental versions for each.

Buy It Now At:

Juno Download

Track Previews:

DJ Reactions:

Giom: “Fuckin hell, endofdays is a freakin bomb man, love it and definitely my favourite track ever coming from you! I’ll be caining this in all my upcoming gigs for sure! Thanks a lot, awesome!”

Ashley Beedle: “Absolutely love both tracks! Some serious electronic soul right there : ) Will look forward to playing these out.”

Jody Wisternoff: “Feeling Stars!”

Richard Earnshaw: “End of Days is cool. Like them both but EOD will be my pick. Shall have it on hand for the weekend.”

Vincent Kwok: “Another great release!”

Sebastian Davidson: “Support as usual!”

Justin Wilkes (Kiss FM): ” Like End of Days :o) Sounds a bit like early Grant Nelson !!!”

Da Funk: “Stars for me. Nice!”

Darren Holland: “The scot scorch meister does it again…fantastic year of releases my friend.”