Ross Couch – Future Shock – Body Rhythm 039 Out On Beatport Promo

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My first brand new release of 2012, ‘Future Shock’ is now out on four week BEATPORT promo.

This one is a single with a couple of additional mixes, and so far it’s the original mix that’s been doing the most damage with DJ’s as you’ll be able to see from the DJ reactions below.

The release has also been featured by Beatport on both the Deep House section and on the main page which is great to see.

Track Preview:

Ross Couch – Future Shock – Original Mix:

Ross Couch – Future Shock – Original Mix by RossCouch

Check out the other mixes and buy the release now at


DJ Reactions:

Nacho Marco: “Original Mix 10/10 !!!”  (Played on LoudEast FM)

Giom: “The BASS mix is HEAVY man, love it. Will try it out, can’t wait!”

Lucas Black (Farplane Radio): “Love the track, will play on this week’s radio show.”

Satoshi Fumi: “Love Original.  Deep groove.”

Spin Science: “Original is lovely.”

Krummstoff: “I’m really into the original version, will definitely support  it!”

Ken Christensen: “I love your music.”

John Symms (Kinky Movement): “My favourite by a whisker is the floor mix with the og coming a very close second!  Will definitely play them in my upcoming gigs and radio shows.”

Evren Ulosoy: “Nice one here.”

Niall Redmond (RTE Radio): “Original mix is the one for me bro….nice.”

Homero Espinosa: “Ross Couch does it again! Love the main track!”

Ross Couch Feat Lazarusman – Wide Open Spaces – Available In Stores Now

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It’s only January 2nd and I’ve already got a new release out!

After completing it’s promo run on Beatport, Ross Couch Ft Lazarusman – ‘Wide Open Spaces’ (Body Rhythm 037) is now available in all the usual stores.


You can also check out previews of the two main mixes via the YouTube clip below (instrumental versions also available).


Ross Couch Body Rhythm Releases Now Available On Amazon

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Happy New Year everybody!

To get the New Year off on the right foot I wanted to let you know that you can now buy my music from

This follows hot on the heels of my previous announcement that the music is also now up on iTunes as well.

Both sites now carry the entire Body Rhythm Records back catalogue and will be constantly updated with the new releases when they come out.

Ross Couch – Travelogue Compilation Out Now / Featured On Beatport

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My final release of the year on Body Rhythm, ‘Travelogue’ is out now on Body Rhythm Records (BRR038).

I had originally planned to put out a standard ‘best of 2011’ compilation to end the year, but then I decided to switch things up a little and do something I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while which is to compile all the tracks I’ve written on the label that were written with a specific destination around the world in mind.

As I started to sift through the back catalogue I realized there was a whole bunch of tracks that could fit in to the general ‘travel’ theme – for example, ‘Bon Voyage’, ‘Lost In Translation’ and ‘The Traveling Man’ would all have worked.

In the end though there were just too many tracks and in an effort to whittle it down I decided to keep it strictly to tracks that referred to actual places.   I think it also helps to make the theme of the compilation more obvious and immediate to the casual listener who’s just flicking through a pile of tracks on one of the online stores.

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Rasmus Faber Ft Beldina – Good Times Come Back – Ross Couch Remix Promos

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In a previous update I mentioned that I was working on a remix for Rasmus Faber’s ‘Good Times Come Back’ release Ft Beldina on Farplane Records, and I’m happy to say that it’s now available to buy.

The remix, plus an instrumental version along with other remixes from Fred Scott forms ‘Part 3’ of the release and will be in stores from December 19th, but in the mean time you can grab the promo exclusively from the Farplane Records store.

Click on the ‘more info’ link below to get more details and listen to the tracks.