Ross Couch – Summer Soundtrack [Compilation] – Body Rhythm 044

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Today marks the release of my new ‘Summer Soundtrack’ release on Body Rhythm. The idea here was to put together a compilation of some of the best summer-influenced tracks that I’ve done on my Body Rhythm label over the years.

As it turned out there was quite a lot of options so it proved to be a bit of a challenge, but in the end I locked it down to 10 tracks.

The release covers the full span of the label, from early favorites like 2008’s ‘Feeling’s Can’t Explain‘, through to ‘Sounds Like Summer‘ which was the best-selling track on my debut album ‘Night & Day’, and on to more recent hits like the ‘Organic Mix’ of ‘Wide Open Spaces‘.

Check out the full tracklisting below.

    1. Ross Couch – Sounds Like Summer
    2. Ross Couch – The Cruise
    3. Ross Couch – Move if You’re Feeling It
    4. Ross Couch – Time Without You
    5. Ross Couch Ft Lazarusman – Wide Open Spaces (Organic Mix)
    6. Ross Couch – Love At First Sight (‘Second Look’ Remix)
    7. Ross Couch – Dive In
    8. Ross Couch – Do it Deeper
    9. Ross Couch – Feelings Can’t Explain
    10. Ross Couch – In The Moment

Buy the ‘Summer Soundtrack’ release now at:

Juno Download:

Here’s the YouTube preview for the release:

Ross Couch – Thinking About You EP – Body Rhythm 043: Out Now!

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Here at Body Rhythm HQ I’m starting off the month of June in top gear with my new ‘Thinking About You EP’.

Now, usually at this stage the EP would go out on promo at Beatport for 2-4 weeks, but I’m changing things up this time around and so it’s going to be available to buy from all the usual download stores at the same time.

I’m curious to see whether this will have any effect on sales.  In theory the fact that it’s available hot-off-the-presses at all the stores should be good for business, but ‘promo culture’ has always had a role to play in dance music and to tell the truth it’s been a valuable source of extra income for me since I’ve been releasing digitally so there’ll need to be a significant upturn in sales to make up the difference.

It’s worth experimenting with though as I try to find a way to get the music to the people that keeps everybody happy so let’s see how it goes.

Buy It Now From:


Track Previews:

Ross Couch – Thinking About You (Original Mix)

Ross Couch – Free My Mind

Ross Couch – Angel

DJ Reactions:

Davidson Opsina: “SLAMMIN!! as always…Perfect for my upcoming gigs this summer!”

Jody Wisternoff: “Fucking brilliant stuff man !! Really impressive, max support this end :)”

Richard Earnshaw: “Nice EP mate!! Will definitely include one of the track in my next mix.”

Bamo (Spiritchaser): “nice vibes..:)”

Da Funk: “angel is huge” (Charted Angel At No.1)

Spin Science: “thinking about you is my fav! summer times!!”

Niall Redmond (RTE Pulse): “Wow Ross, Thinking About You is bigness mate.will be smashing it on tonights show…fiyah sir awesome”

AMDJ’s: “We really like “Angel”. This is marvellous track! 10/10.”

JP Phillipe: “Nice Release. Angel is beauty, but Thinking About You will get most play i should think. All round good package though.”

Bria Project: “Lovely tracks!!! They all are great!!”

Darren Holland: “Free your mind is a little gem”

Ross Couch – Push The Button EP – Body Rhythm 042

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New release time at Body Rhythm HQ with my latest offering, the ‘Push The Button EP’ available for the next two weeks exclusively from BEATPORT.

There’s two versions of the lead track on this one. The first mixes up the deep / tech soundscape with orchestral strings and piano, while the ‘Sci-Fi Dub’ goes for a space-age feel with synth pads and arpeggiated lead while still retaining many of the elements of the original version. The EP is rounded off with another deep house track, ‘Addicted’.

Check out the previews and DJ reactions below.

Track Previews:

Ross Couch – Push The Button (Original Mix)

Ross Couch – Addicted

Ross Couch – Push The Button (Sci-Fi Dub)

DJ Reactions:

Giom: “I’m really liking the Addicted track. Will play.”

Grant Nelson: Played ‘Addicted’ on his Housecall radio show.

Richard Earnshaw: “Push The Button the better track…..nice one.”

Rasmus Faber: “Nice track! (Push The Button)”

Evren Ulusoy: Supporting ‘Push The Button.’

Spin Science: “Both Buttons for me!”

Bamo (Spiritchaser): “Fresh and crisp production as always”

Krummstoff:“This is an outstanding pack, really hard to pick a fav, full support from me!”

Jevne: “Push the button is dope!”

Naill Redmond (RTE Pulse): Played Push The Button (Original Mix) on the ‘Digital Groove’ radio show.

Darren Holland: “Addicted is a wicked track my selector but the others are very hot too…will buss this out in all my gigs this summer.


Buy It:


Ross Couch – We Are One EP – Body Rhythm 041 Out Now

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New release time, and for a change this one is coming out on two week Traxsource promo.

The EP features three main tracks on a deep and soulful vibe, ‘One More Night’, ‘Circle Of Life’ which is the and ‘We Are One’.  I’ve also added a dub of that last one too for those who prefer to go vocal-free.

DJ Support for this one coming in from the likes of Jody Wisternoff, Giom, Richard Earnshaw, Spin Science, Krummstoff, Jevne, Mr Jones, Bamo (Spiritchaser) and more.

Stay tuned as if all goes according to plan then I’ll have another new release called ‘Push The Button’ out before the end of this month.

Here’s a YouTube preview of the new EP:

Don’t forget you can buy it now from TRAXSOURCE

Ross Couch – ‘Bullets’ Out On Farplane Records Today

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For the past five years or so I’ve been releasing all my original material through my own Body Rhythm label, and I have no plans to change that for now, but recently I did make one exception.

If you’ve been following what I’ve been up to lately then you’ll know that I recently did a remix for the music maestro Rasmus Faber of his track, “Good Times Come Back”, and around the same time late last year he also approached me and asked if I would be interested in doing an original release on his Farplane Records imprint.

Of course I was flattered as I feel Rasmus is one of the most talented producers in the dance music scene, but what made it even more intriguing was that he already had a vocal recorded that he wanted me to a build the track around.

I gave it a listen and loved it immediately and felt it was very much in keeping with what I do given that it was quite emotive and told a story with just a few words.

So I agreed to do it, and I’m happy to say that today marks the official release of ‘Bullet’s’ featuring three different mixes I came up with for the release featuring the vocals of Emily McEwan who you may be familiar with from some of Rasmus’ biggest hits like ‘Are You Ready?’ and ‘Ever After’.

How To Buy:

The release is available in a bunch of different record stores including:


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