Ross Couch – Hold Me Tight EP – Body Rhythm 065: Out Now!

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‘Hold Me Tight EP’ is my latest offering on Body Rhythm and it’s just landed on Traxsource today where it’ll remain on promo until the official release on 11th November.

The release comes hot on the heels of a series of successful tracks for me on Traxsource’s Soulful House chart including ‘Somebody Like You’ (No.4), ‘Still In Love’ (No.3) and ‘When The Sky falls’ (No.11), so my fingers are crossed that the trend continues!




Ross Couch – Falling Sky EP – Body Rhythm 064: Out Now

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My latest release, the ‘Falling Sky EP’ landed on TRAXSOURCE today featuring two new house tracks, plus a downtempo one for good measure.

Things have been going well over the past few months, with ‘Somebody Like You‘ and ‘Still In Love‘ in particular doing very well for me, while others like ‘Work It‘ and ‘Confession‘ have played their part too, so hopefully this latest release can keep the momentum going.

I’m actually sitting on a bunch of good tracks that are in various stages of completion after a productive spell recently, so I’m excited to finish them up and send them out to earn their keep over the next few months!

Here’s a preview of the tracks from the new EP and if you like the sound of them then be sure to head over to Traxsource to grab the full versions.

Update:ย  Now Available To Buy At…

Juno Download:

Ross Couch – Still In Love Hits Traxsource Soulful House Top 10

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I’m happy to say that ‘Still In Love‘, the lead track from my latest EP broke into the Traxsource Soulful House top 10 on Friday and is currently sitting pretty at No.7.

The likes of Richard Earnshaw, CJ Mackintosh and Grant Nelson have been getting behind this one and I’ve been getting lots of great feedback from listeners too.

This follows on from my track ‘Somebody Like You‘ which spent over a month on the Soulful chart earlier in the year, peaking at No.4 and has gone on to be one of my most popular tracks in quite some time.

So it’s been a good little spell for me on the site and fingers crossed that’ll continue going forward. I’ll certainly be working hard to ensure that’s the case and I’m already busy preparing a follow-up which is already sounding very nice, to my ears at least.

In the mean time, ‘Still In Love’ and the other tracks from the ‘Closer EP‘ will be getting a full release tomorrow meaning that in addition to Traxsource you’ll also be able to get your hands on it at Beatport, Juno Download, Stompy and iTunes.

Ross Couch – Closer EP: Out Now!

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I’m back again with my new ‘Closer EP’ which has been generating a nice buzz in the days leading up to the release. Three tracks on offer here covering the ground between deep, soulful and classic house.

Buy It Now At:






Track Previews:

DJ Reactions:

Grant Nelson: “Massive!” (Played ‘Still In Love’ on his ‘Housecall’ radio show.)

Richard Earnshaw: “Closer & Still In Love on form.” (Charted ‘Still In Love’ at No.2)

CJ Mackintosh: Charted ‘Still In Love’ at No.9.

Luke McKeehan: “Loving it! Still in Love and Closer getting the play, Closer is rough! Well done” (Played ‘Still In Love’ on his DJ mix for 5 Magazine)

Vincent Kwok: “nice classy house!”

Nathan G: “I like the EP.”

Niall Redmond (RTE Pulse): “This is the shiznick!!! Still In Love in particular is FIYAH!!!! will be smashing this!!!” (Played ‘Still In Love’ on RTE Pulse radio show).

Darren Nugent (Aruba / Elevation): “An excellent EP with three very polished and punchy future dance tracks. All three tracks have something special going on and bring their ‘A’ game to the dance floor.”

Neil Pierce (Rhemi): Charted ‘Still In Love’ at No.8.

Krummstoff: “Still In Love” is a pure beauty, will support!”

Darren Holland: “Still In Love is a nice little beast.”

Shur-I-Kan – Kissing (The Remixes) – Body Rhythm 062: Out Now!

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The latest release on Body Rhythm sees three brand new remixes of Shur-I-Kan’s recent track ‘Kissing’ which first appeared on the label via the ‘Studio Fever EP’.

Stepping up to the plate with new deep house reworkings are Harold Heath and Sebastian Davidson, while I stick closer to the downtempo feel of the original track with a jazzy, piano driven rework.

Update 26th August: After a two-week promo on Traxsource that saw Harold’s mix climb to No.12 on the Deep House chart and my own version hitting No.1 on the Chillout chart this EP is now out on official release which means you can now buy it from:





DJ Reactions:

Shur-I-Kan: You’ve all done a great job on the remixes – sounds great! Especially love Ross Couch mix – brings a smile to the face! ๐Ÿ™‚

Danny Howells: Beautiful .. Love the Harold Heath mix, stunning stuff!

Hernan Cattaneo: Quality!!!!

Nathan G: Harold Heath tastefully re-constructed the downtempo original! Well Done!

Ashley Beedle: Once again sheer quality from the Body Rhythm camp. Loving the Ross Couch and Harold Heath mixes. Big support.

Spiritchaser:ย  Charted Harold Heath mix at No.9.

Satoshi Fumi: Amazing pack! Really love all ๐Ÿ™‚

Vincent Kwok: Nice one! Really loving the Ross Couch Remix.

Kirby: Really nice remixes! Great job, nice groove, nice vibe!

Niall Redmond (RTE Pulse): Awesome stuff. Opening up with the Ross Couch Remix on the show tonight.

Bria Project (Vibe Boutique): โ€œThis ep is great. My favorite is the Ross Couch remix – Great track.โ€

Darren Holland: โ€œHarold heath mix very slick.โ€