Ross Couch – Stars EP – Body Rhythm 051: Out Today!

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It’s time for my final release of the year, the ‘Stars EP’ which hit stores today.

This one features two main tracks, one that’s deep and atmospheric, and the other which hits the dancefloor harder, along with instrumental versions for each.

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Juno Download

Track Previews:

DJ Reactions:

Giom: “Fuckin hell, endofdays is a freakin bomb man, love it and definitely my favourite track ever coming from you! I’ll be caining this in all my upcoming gigs for sure! Thanks a lot, awesome!”

Ashley Beedle: “Absolutely love both tracks! Some serious electronic soul right there : ) Will look forward to playing these out.”

Jody Wisternoff: “Feeling Stars!”

Richard Earnshaw: “End of Days is cool. Like them both but EOD will be my pick. Shall have it on hand for the weekend.”

Vincent Kwok: “Another great release!”

Sebastian Davidson: “Support as usual!”

Justin Wilkes (Kiss FM): ” Like End of Days :o) Sounds a bit like early Grant Nelson !!!”

Da Funk: “Stars for me. Nice!”

Darren Holland: “The scot scorch meister does it again…fantastic year of releases my friend.”

Ross Couch – The Vinyl Years Vol.1 – Body Rhythm’s 50th Release!

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Today’s a special day as it marks the 50th release on my Body Rhythm label, some five and a half years after the first release.

To mark the occasion I decided to do something I’ve been wanting to for a long time, and that’s to re-release some of the best and most fondly remembered tracks that I did earlier in my career when I was releasing on 12″ vinyl via other labels between 2001-2006.

So, ‘The Vinyl Years Vol.1’ is the first step in the process, putting out four tracks from back in the day, with at least another two or three volumes to come over the next 6-12 months.

Buy It Now At:

Juno Download

Track Info / Previews:

For Vol.1 I picked out some real gems, including ‘Feel It‘ which was originally released on Offset Music in 2005 and was a sell-out on vinyl and appeared on compilations from Bargrooves and Cafe Del Mar, but has never been released digitally until now!

She Said‘ came out on 3am Recordings and despite being the B-Side on the release it became the one to have and people still mention it to me today as being one of their favorites. This one is appearing digitally on the Traxsource and Stompy sites for the first time.

The same goes for ‘In Love‘ which was my first release on Seamless Recordings and also appeared on a couple of different Bargrooves mix CD’s. This is the first time this one is being released digitally at Beatport and Stompy.

Finally, ‘I See You‘ was a release on the Bargrooves label and appeared on a number of different mix CD’s.  This will be available at the Stompy download store for the first time.

Ross Couch – The Migration EP – Body Rhythm 049 (Out Now)

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New release time and in an attempt to make sure everyone’s catered for I’m bringing four tracks to the table this time around.

There’s two house tracks and two downtempo one’s for you to check out on this one, and if you like what you hear then you can get them at the usual download stores from today.

Buy It Now:

Juno Download:

Track Previews:

DJ Reactions:

Laurent Garnier: “Really nice soulful deepness. Another great ep.”

Vincent Kwok: “Great release! Migration and Paradiso hit the spot!”

Sebastian Davidson: “The regular support mate! nice ones!!

Richard Earnshaw:  “Nice stuff, like ‘The Joint’….can’t beat the Hammond!”

Giom: “Nice work man.”

Krummstoff: “A very soulful pack, “Migration” is amazing, will support for sure.”

Da Funk: “Both downtempo cuts for me. very nice!

Manish (Muak Music): “U have smashed it once again… feeling this !!

Niall Redmond (RTE Pulse): “Liking Paradiso & Migration House Mix – will defo be spinning them on the show of course!!!”

Darren Holland: “The Joint is my joint.”

AMDJ’s: “Since Friday “Migration (house mix)” is on the air in AMDJS Radio Show on 46 radiostations over 12 countries.  This is great EP! Congratulations again and again!”

Ross Couch – The Cream EP – Body Rhythm 048

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After a recent detour into the downtempo genre, my latest release, ‘The Cream EP’ heads back to more familiar four-to-the-floor deep house territory.

First up is ‘Can’t Live Without You’, a deep, atmospheric and emotive slice of deep house, while ‘The Cream’ slings the tempo a little lower to inject extra funk into this warm, uplifting number.

The release hits stores today and you can grab it from all the usual download stores:

Track Previews:

DJ Reactions:

Funk D’Void: “Lush gorgeous grooves, love em!”

Sebastian Davidson: “Merci Beaucoup! Another winner!!”

Vincent Kwok: “Nice smooth and deep vibes! Great release!”

Richard Earnshaw: “Nice jams.”

Krummstoff: “Must admit that “The Cream” is simply fantastic, lazy groove with some warm funky/soulful textures which are missed much these days!”

Da Funk: “love ‘The Cream’ matey! great stuff!

Jevne: “The Cream! Very nice! Liking the slower downtempo vibes from you lately!”

Niall Redmond (RTE Pulse): “Really like this of course mate…played it on the show …awesome.”

AMDJ’s: “We feature “Can’t Live Without You” in this week’s show.”

Ross Couch – Detour EP – Body Rhythm 047 (Downtempo!)

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My latest release on Body Rhythm marks a bit of a departure from my normal style as the ‘Detour EP’ is my first ever all-downtempo release.

The idea for this came after I wrote a downtempo track called ‘Angel’ earlier in the year which came out as the third track on the ‘Thinking About You’ release. It ended up doing better than expected, hitting No.20 on the Chill-Out chart on Beatport and staying in the top 40 for two months, while also being the fourth best selling downtempo track on Juno DL over an eight week period and getting to No.10 on the Traxsource lounge sales chart.

So I decided to take a break from the norm and write a full release in this style. it came pretty naturally to me as my stuff is often fairly mellow anyway, so taking the tempo down a few notches actually made a lot of sense.

Since then I’ve been having a lot of fun writing in this genre, I’ve actually found it quite inspiring and have had one of my most prouductive spells in recent years. I think part of the reason is that there’s less rules in the downtempo scene. You don’t have to worry so much about it working on the dancefloor, you can go as musical as you like, and there’s less fads where only one particular sound or style is selling well.

Still, it’s a bit of a gamble putting this release out on Body Rhythm since people have come to expect my usual deep house style on it, but I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that people will like it.


Buy It Now:


DJ Reactions:

Jimpster: “Lovely stuff Ross! Really into the coming Home track. Going to work perfect in upcoming sunset sets. Nice one,”

Sebastian Davidson: “Very much what I like and play the whole summer Ross! In the boxxxx!!!”

Giom: “Great stuff man, a slight departure from your usual sound, I like it!”

Vincent Kwok: “nice one! good for my warm-up sets.”

Richard Earnshaw: “Nice to hear a different vibe from you/the label, very listenable.”

Darren Nugent: “Really nice vibes on this and a nice way to switch gears and show your musical flair. Top notch summer gear.”

Dopeden: “Classic trip hop, downtempo style drums, solid simple melodies and a comfortable groove all make this ep a great choice for any lounge. Feel free to tap some hipsters in the ear with this package.”

Da Funk: “coming home is aces!”

AMDJ’s: “That’s really great stuff! Hi five! “Coming Five” is our fav here. The tune is lovely!”

Niall Redmond: “Quality as always Ross.Like Coming Home alot in particular. Will drop it on the show i do for Jazzy M’s Kane FM for sure.”

The Messenger: “Great work as usual.”

Bamo (Spiritchaser): “like this…. nice tempo!”